Department of Entomology

·   ​​General Pests Unit​​
·   Cereal Pests Unit
·   Stored Products Pests Unit
·   Vegetables, Industrial, Ornamental and Forage Crops Pests Unit
·   Fruits and Vineyard Pests Unit
·   Nematology Unit

Plant Pests department is responsible for agricultural pests (such as insects, mites, nematodes, rodents, birds, etc.) of culture plants and plant products. The department is mandated to determine the pests’ density and levels of damage, their diagnosis and identify of its natural enemies and responsible for doing studies in order to reveal control methods by examining of the important pests of bio-ecology, epidemiology and crop losses that they caused.
·        Sunn pest which is the one of the important pests of cereals, to execute program coordinator and technical consulting for their control.
·        To carry out Country Coordinator of Integrated Pest Management of  Apple and Potato
·        To coordinate for Drosophila suzukii’s national surveys,
·        For the control of plant pests, to investigate and improve alternative methods by the use of national resources (such as diatomaceous earth, plant essential oils and extracts, kaolin),
·        To do research and applications about biotechnical control methods,
·        In order to reduce the usage of plant protection products, to provide and dissemination of Forecast and Warning System based studies for the control of the pests
·        To use newly developed techniques and technologies in the world for the control of plant pests.
·        To conduct research under changing environmental and climatic conditions and examine the dynamics of pests populations,
·        In terms of plant health, to conduct studies for the establishment of pests risk maps
·        To determination of the insect vectors and make research for monitoring,
·        To analyze of insect pest for import, export, plant passport and certification of plants and plant products,
·        To prepare "Plant Protection Technical Instructions", and Integrated Pest Management Technical Instructions
·        To participate in the commission formed by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock  for the “Efficacy Evaluation for the Registration of Plant Protection Products”  if necessary