Department of Biological Control

Duty of the department is determining, conserving and  efficiency of biological control agents in control against  pests and diseases constitute harm  in plants and doing research on the use of these biological control agents.
In Additional;
·        To make the production of biological control agents and their hosts and use of these agents in release study,
·        To create a reserve area for the detection of biological control agents and the sustainability,
·        To monitor populations of beneficial organisms and pests in changing environmental and climatic conditions,
·        To  conduct ecological studies to monitor the changes in pest-beneficial complex and positive or negative effects of agricultural activities against the ecosystem,
·        To determine the side effects of pesticides on benefical organisms.
·        To create the program to determine nutrition relationship of biological control agents between their hosts and plants
·        To be coordinator in works of biological control in Sunn pest (Eurygaster spp.)
·        To conduct studies on revealing the mechanisms which provides resistance of plant against pathogens with aim of contributing to control efforts.
·        Using of biopesticide to control harmful organisms,
·        To make research on formulation works with the indigenous isolates (fungy, bacteria) found at the end of researches.
·        Integration of biological control study results ensure to IPM programs.