Department of Training and Extension

The researcher and publisher of training conducted by the Institute of Plant Protection Central Research within the scientific meeting of the Organization of research and visual results prepared in the institute structure can be communicated to practitioners of written material to prepare for the task of ensuring section of the library and services. National and international projects such as EUPHRESCO, TWINNING, CORE-ORGANIC, ARIM-NET and COST supported by EU, FAO, IAEA, World Bank, TÜBİTAK, BOREN, Universities, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Economy and GDAR are carried out in Plant Protection Central Research Institute. The tasks of the department are; to follow the planning and preparation of these projects in the target frame of the Agricultural Research Master Plan, to monitor their programme and objectives and to make their statistical evaluations are the tasks of the department.

Apart from that other tasks of the department are;

.     Active within the Institute the Plant Protection Bulletin magazine publishing and distribution,
.     Conducting Institute of promotional activities and publicity tools necessary to prepare for this purpose,
.     Coordinating the internship work performed in the Institute
.     The coordination of our institute with the challenge of apples, wheat,  potato and vegetable integrated pest management training.
.     To assist the researchers in preparing the projects in accordance with the disposition and content specified in the Agricultural Research Management Implementation Guide,
.     To organize and prepare the Program Evaluation Meetings held annually by TAGEM in the Institute,
.     To preside the Editorial Board, which checks projects evaluated by the Institute Research Committee, Programme Evaluation Meetings and Research Advisory Committee and edited in accordance with the decisions,
.     Ensuring that the resolutions of the new proposal projects accepted in the research management committee are communicated to the researcher and applied in line with the decisions,
.     To carry out the Coordinator of the Institute in the Research Programmes Funded by European Union,
.     To create a database of the research subjects planned,To create a digital archive that includes all the projects carried out at the institute,
.     To contribute creation of an agricultural policy for the future by making economic analysis in the field of plant health.