Department of Agricultural Fauna and Microflora

Nazife Tuatay Plant Protection Museum which was founded in 1961 within Directorate of Plant Protection Central Research Institute is one of Turkey’s long standing entomology museum in its own field. More than 35000 samples belong to 3000 species whose collecting time dating bact to the year 1930 are stored in the museum and the number of samples have still increased due to the projects conducted in our department. In the museum, 542 samples belonging to 51 type species which are identified for the first time and introduce to science world are found. Across the country,  our department is responsible for collecting, storing, creating an inventory of agricultural faunal agents and making research on their taxonomical issues and coordinating releated activities.
In addition,
our other responsibilities are;
·        to establish a reference collection related to agricultural faunal and microfloral agents and conserve the collection.
·        to create and evaluate.the database
·        to develop the diagnostic methods for pests,
·        to create an inventory of polinators and organisms that can be used in the control of pests and determine the distribution,
·        to establish, develop and provide continuance of Plant Protection Museum