Department of Phytopathology

The main tasks of the department are to diagnose plant diseases caused by bacteria, phytoplasmas, fungi, viruses and viroids threatening plant and plant products, to determine their prevalence and level of incidence, to reveal their biology, epidemiology, and control methods.
The other tasks are; 
To monitor quarantine organisms and emerging pathogen risks with surveys,
To identify and characterize harmful organisms,
To conduct epidemiological studies on harmful organisms such as xylem and phloem limited bacteria, phytoplasmas and viruses including host-vector interactions,
To improve diagnostic capacity of non-culturable plant pathogenic organisms adapting new methods,
To conduct studies on host/pathogen relationships regarding both pathogen virulence and host susceptibility and resistance,
To work forecasting methods and to integrate the control of plant diseases,
To maintenance and catalogue plant pathogenic microorganisms,
To support ministrial projects scheduled for monitoring and mapping of quarantine organisms with laboratory analysis,
To analyze plant and plant products for bacteria, phytoplasmas, fungi, viruses and viroids with the aim of import, export, plant passport and certification,
To join the commission for the registration of plant protection products and to evaluate the dossier on the efficacy trials of plant protection products regarding to plant diseases.​