Department of Plant Protection Machines

It has been conducted studies on selection and usage of suitable equipment and pesticide application technique during spraying applications  for both plant and PPP (Plant Protection Product) against pest, disease and weed in culture plants, determination of performance and efficiency values of spraying equipment, development/adaptation of new technique and technology in the department,
Study issues are;
·        Using pesticide application techniques and technologies for reducing pesticide use,
·        Developing pesticide application techniques for reducing contamination of water sources and drift,and transfering them into practice,
·        Conducting studies of prototype and parameter with cooperation of private sector to be gained plant production machineries with high efficiency by local technology,
·        Spreading Good Agricultural Practice (GAP),
·        Determining spraying characteristics  with non-contact and harmless measurement techniques that is compatible with canopy in field conditions and increasing efficiency of spraying,
·        Forming opinion at the preparation of  the national standards related to the plant protection machineries and test principles.