About Us

The Presence of Land and Buildings
Our institute has a total of 34 decares of land size in Research and Technological Development Campus in Yenimahalle. 2 service buildings are located on 20 square meters area and 7 decares area is used as a trial area. Ziray Production Facility belonging to our institution is located on 7 decares area in Gömeç, Balıkesir and attactant production is done in the facility.
In our institution serving buildings, 53 rooms, 28 laboratories, 8 climate rooms, library, 3 meeting rooms, cafeteria, tea room, and Nazife Tuatay Plant Protection Museum are situated and in addition, extra laboratory building, potato analysis building with 6 laboratories, machine park, garage, carpenter’s shop and drug archive building are also found. In 7 decares trial area in the campus, 1 polyurethane climate controlled sera, 2 plastic sera and 4 screen house are located.
Research Infrastructure
In our institution, there are laboratory instruments and equipments as  different types and models of microscopes and binoculars, digital imaging systems, dry and steam sterilizer, biological incubators, real time PCR, NanoDrop, water distilling apparatus, microplate reader, horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems, gel imaging systems, termocycler , spray tower, sterile chambers, centrifuges in different speeds, shakers, grinders and mixers, climate stations, spectrophotometer and spectrofluorometer (UV / Visible and IR) chromatography devices (GCMS, GC, HPLC), rotary vacuum evaporators, evaporation machine, termohigrography, pH meters , autoclaves, leaves field measurer, droplet size measuring instrument, precision scales, freezers and coolers in different types and power, which are used in research studies and garden and field sprayers used in pharmaceutical applications. In addition, all laboratories are fully equipped with all the necessary hardware
Staff Situation
Our Institute has 76 technical staff including 31 Phd, 36 Master degrees and 9 bachelor graduates (60 agricultural engineers, 1 researcher, 1 Food Engineer, 7 Biologists and 6 Chemist, 1 Statistician), 17 Technicians-laboratory assistants, 8 officers, 32 permanent workers (16 officials of them temporarily assigned to other institutions), for a total of 147 personnel including 14 temporary workers.
Research Activities
The main activities of our institute are that identification of harmful organisms in agricultural products across the country, determination of distribution, epidemiology, intensity and damage levels; determination of management thresholds; detection and conservation of natural enemies and performing the mass production of these enemies and determination of management methods. In addition, on the purpose of protecting the environment and human health, performing the researches on drug, machine, residual and toxicology areas, identifying of quarantine organisms, establishing and preserving of faunistic, floristic and microfloristic collections, developing and providing adaption of new technics and technologies on plant protection machines are taken part within the other research activities. In our institution, there are 99 projects in total. 81 of them are supported by our ministry and the others are 9 AB projects, 6 TUBİTAK projects, 1 BOREN project, 1 BAP project, and 1 Economy Ministry supported project. 
Training Services
In-service trainings are given to technical staff responsible for plant protection services in Provincial Directorates of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock by our institution. Moreover, training activities are performed by organizing national and international meetings for other relevant institutions and private sector companies or attending various meetings.
Publishing Activities
Plant Protection Bulletin, a scientific periodical, has been published once in three months as 4 issue in a year since 1952 by our Institute. Articles can be reached at the official web site of the bulletin. Researches have duties on preparation and updating of “Plant Protection Technical Instructions with Standard Drug Testing Methods and Side Effects Testing Methods”. In addition, preparation of farmer brochures in required topics and YAYÇEP training movie scripts are also in our publishing activities. The research results are published in scientific meetings and publications as national and international congress, symposiums, conferences and workshops. Mesude İleri Library within the Institute is located in the status of Plant Protection Central library.
Analysis of Quarantine, eradication, certification, import and export samples, analysis of samples sent from provincial and district directorates for testing of quarantine situation, physical and chemical and also residual analysis of plant protection products are done in the laboratories within our Institute. In 2015, 11525 samples for Quarantine, eradication, certification, import and export samples, analysis of samples sent from provincial and district directorates for testing of quarantine situation, 298 samples for chemical and physical analysis, 4 insect species that identified, 29 residual analyses were done in our institute.
Consultancy Services
As Directorate of Plant Protection Central Research Institute, we give consultancy to official and private institutions and producers about plant protection issues. In this context, diagnosis is made in terms of disease, pest and weed in the samples sent from Provincial Directorates of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, private companies, cooperatives and producers and management directed advices are given. Besides, technical consultancy services are provided for Directorates of Agricultural Quarantine and private companies dealing with agricultural import and export services.