Department of Herbology

The projects which have been supported by Agricultural Ministry and other organisations related with on weeds growing in the agricultural fields and non-agricultural areas are carried out in the weed science department. Other duties can be rank as:
·        Assessment of the biological efficiency documents in the commission of the plant protection products
·        Coordination of the project of integrated pest management at national level
·        Coordination of the project herbicide resistance, mapping and management at national level
·        Development of new herbicide application techniques
·        Identification of the weeds and high parasitic plants
·        Preparation of herbarium materials and creating seed collection, and also stored these items after digitalisation.
·        The projects related with reduced and increased herbicide rate
·        The projects on the biological control of weeds
·        The project related with the invasive plant species and control methods of them
·        The studies on the side effects of herbicides
·        The project on the protection agro-ecosystem
·        The project related with development of new herbicide active ingredient
·        There are 6.000 plant material in the herbarium.