In the following years of establishment of the Republic rapid development and reconstruction in all fields under the leadership of Ataturk, has shown itself in the field of Plant Protection. Then In 1934 Institute has been established as the Department of Phytopathology and named Central Protection Institute in Ankara (Kalaba) by Directorate of Prof. Dr. G.GASSNER. Department of Entomology was opened in 1938 with Prof. Dr.BODENHEIMER.. The studies on diseases gained further momentum with the participation of German phytopathologist Dr. Hans Bremer to Institute in 1949. In subsequent years, the structure of the Institute was strengthened with a Turkish team of agricultural engineers.
In 1952, under the Department of Phytopathology; Cereal Diseases, Fruits and Vineyard Diseases, Vegetable Diseases Laboratories had been established. On the same issues related laboratories had been established in the Department of Entomology, so that specialization in sub-disciplines have been made. In 1955, Weed Laboratory and because of increasing use of chemicals Pesticide Analysis Laboratory had been activated. In 1957, the name of the Institute was changed as Ankara Regional Plant Protection Research Institute. In 1961 Stored Products’ Pests, Plant Protection Museum and Survey Service, in 1962 Acarology, in 1964 Virology, in 1972 Nematology and in 1982 Bacteriology Laboratories had became operational.
In 1987, it was connected to”Plant Protection Pesticides and Appliances Research Institute”. reorganization under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 1988, Institute was renamed Ankara Plant Protection Research Institute and moved to campus Yenimahalle from Kalaba that served for 53 years.
Within the framework of the Master Plan of Agricultural Research, Institute was converted to Ankara Plant Protection Central Research Institute in 1998.