Civil Defence Unit

For Institute’s safety the unit takes measures against hazards that may occur and coordinates services of Mobilization and the State of War and disaster and emergency .
·        To prepare plans of civil defence and update them,
·        To provide establishment of civil defence services and make them train,
·        To provide tools, equipment and materials for disaster,civil defense and emergency services and maintain them,
·        In case of disaster and emergency situtations to  coordinate intervention and to inform top managers,
·        Providing cooperation and coordination between institutions and Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, the provincial Disaster and Emergency Management, other public institutions In order to fulfill the tasks set by Regulation,
·        To take measures preventing and controling fire,
·        To carry out transactions related to exchange of for warning and alarm information and operation of the siren system in institution,
·        To arrange secretariat services on behalf of institution related to the drills for  disaster, emergency situation and civil defense,
·        To provide preparation for Mobilization and war ,
·        To ensure the coordination of preventive security service