Internal Control Unit

Communique of  Public Internal Control Standards was published in the Official Gazette on 26/12/2007. In this context It was prepared Action Plan for the Development of Internal Control System  by the of the Ministry and entered into force with olur dated 20.01.2010 and No. 30 of Undersecretariat authority.
Internal Control is a set of organization, methods,processes and financial and other controls including internal audit and it is created by the administration in order to proceed of activities determined in accordance with legislation in a effective and economic way;  to protect of assets and resources; to keep the accounting records accurately and completely,  to provide financial information and management information to be produced timely and reliable.
The purposes of the Internal Control are as follows;
·        To manage Public income, expenses, assets and liabilities in a effective, economic and efficient way ,
·        To operate public administration in accordance with the laws and other regulations ,
·        To prevent irregularity and fraud in all types of financial decisions and transactions,
·        To provide regular, timely and reliable reporting and acquisition of information to make and follow  decisions,
·        To prevent Misusing and  wastage of assets and to provide protection against losses.