Revolving Accountancy

  • Delivering tasks due to the laws and legislations according to 969 no. Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of Law on Granting Revolving Fund and Revolving Fund Enterprises Budget and Accounting Regulation and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Revolving Fund Implementing Regulation
  • Charging of the analyze and control costs which are determined by the ministry, arranging the removal of the final accounts and monthly balance of the facility,
  • All kinds of allowances and advances of documents, arranging letters and checks and making payments deducted,
  • Connecting to the deduction of input and output of goods entering and leaving the warehouse receipts,
  • Evaluating the budget and working programs and preparation of them to be approved by the ministry,
  • The necessary action to follow up and collection of receivables business and preparation of the accountancy bills,
  • Preparation of the end balance sheet and the cost ruler at the end of the year, sending a copy of the documents to our Ministry, Ministry of Finance and Court of Accounts,
  • Fulfillment of other tasks related to accounting,