22 March World Water Day

3.04.2024 / View : 63 / Archive

World Water Day, observed globally on March 22, aims to bring to light the critical issue of water scarcity. Celebrated in Türkiye and around the world, it seeks to raise awareness through various events and discussions. This year, the day is centered around the theme "WATER FOR PEACE," which highlights the pivotal role of water in ensuring the stability and prosperity of our planet. This theme underscores the urgent need for actions geared towards peace, emphasizing the essential nature of water in supporting global harmony and development.

As our planet undergoes warming, climatic regimes shift, rendering the acquisition of clean and accessible water — a fundamental necessity for all forms of life — progressively challenging. Concurrently, the climate crisis emerges as a formidable threat to global peace. The attenuation of water supplies may exacerbate competition, with the potential to destabilize the intricate web of relations among countries and nations.

Currently, 153 countries share water resources, yet merely 24 have committed to full cooperation over these shared waters. Collaborative efforts to conserve water are pivotal not only for bolstering peace but also for enhancing resilience against climate change-induced disasters. In the face of escalating climate change impacts and a growing global population, it becomes imperative to diligently safeguard our vital source of life.