Assistant Technical Units

Project Coordinator

Evaluation of all the documents which will be discussed in Program Evaluation Meeting before the Committee Meeting, checking detailed all the new projects' objectives, materials, methods and other necessary chapters, overcoming deficiencies' of projects, acting as a reporter while the accepted projects are undertaking, making controls in research area and presenting necessary reports to the administration are the responsibilities of Project Coordinator.

 Research Committee Secretary

Research Committee Secretary is responsible for monitoring project under the institutional program, recording and following up all the decisions taken by the committee such as annual reports of ongoing or completed projects, decisions about printing reports, problems and suggestions which will be discussed in Program Evaluation Meeting and decisions about new projects.

 Quality Management System

Institutional Quality Management System is established to coordinate Quality Management, Internal Control Unit and EFQM Excellence Model. This unit is responsible for adoption of excellence idea by all departments and units.

 Foreign Support Projects Unit

Management and reporting of all Institutional Foreign Support Projects in time, organizing necessary meetings to inform all participants and related Coordinator, reporting Institute related meeting notes and deliver it to the related Coordinator are responsibilities of Foreign Support Projects Unit. Further to these activities, producing and conducting innovative project ideas which will be represent the Institute in the national and international area. Preparation of annual action plans for the activities to be carried out under this unit is another responsibility of the unit.

 In-service Training Unit

In-service Training Unit responsibilities are preparing and creating training program for both new technical personnel and personnel who have never done a project in last five years, completing this process and determination of trainers, preparing a "certificate of training" after trained personnel presented at least one seminar which is about training program.

 Training and Publication Unit

Training and Publication Unit's responsibilities are planning and carrying on training programs for researchers on soil and water issues, organizing scientific meetings such as congresses, seminars, symposiums, panels etc. about soil and water topics, preparing and distributing  brochure, technical reports, booklet etc. to inform users about research results, preparation and publication of research results, provision of library services, ensuring participations of the Institute in agricultural fairs which are held in Turkey, promoting institute production materials (microbial fertilizers, quick field test, tensionmeters) to the manufacturers, industrialist and private sector and organizing laboratory training activities for interns from both universities related programs and technical high school students.

Sarayköy Research and Application Station

The station works under the Department of Production and Operation Department within an area of 98.3 decares and is an applied research environment which resides some of the researches and the results of the research studies are transferred to the farmers through various demonstrations and field trips. It is located near Ova Branch and on the left side of Ankara-Istanbul highway.

For research and application studies, there is a possibility of irrigating the lands with irrigation water supplied from a pump station which was set up near of Ova Branch.

There is an 60-decares orchard facility in the station with various fruit species such as cherry, sour cherry, plum, apple, apricot, quince, almond etc. Some part of the station except the experimental areas is used as an example to the farmers for wheat, barley, maize, sunflower, sugar beet and forage plants production.

At the station, a water tank with 100 tons capacity has been also set up for 650 semi-dwarf fruit trees, 13-decares newly established orchard and needs of drip irrigation experiments of research projects that might be carried out later on.

In addition, at the station, highly fertile and suitable seeds are used for the region in production and contributed to the popularization of these seeds in the region. Field trips are also organized for the farmers to present the results of researches and production facilities, to find out the problems of the farmers related with agricultural issues, to solve them and to transfer knowledge. Except the field trips, the station is visited by the farmers frequently and solutions for their questions and problems such as fertilizer-fertilizing, irrigation, plant protection, seed supply and orchard establishment are investigated.