Soil Quality And Fertility Analysis Laboratory

In our laboratory, productivity and quality analyses are conducted on soil samples brought by farmers or within the scope of research projects.

The laboratory has been accredited by TÜRKAK according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standard for soil quality and productivity analyses since October 9, 2014.

Analyses conducted include:Accredited analyses include:
​-Soil moisture content and texture

-- Soil reaction (pH)

- Organic matter
- Available phosphorus and potassium for plants
- Available iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), and manganese (Mn) for plants
- Total heavy metals
- Total nitrogen
- Exchangeable ammonium and nitrate nitrogen
- Extractable sulfur, calcium, magnesium
- Available boron
- Active lime

- pH in water-saturated soil
- EC in water-saturated soil
- Organic matter
- Lime ​