Administrative Units

Human Sources Unit

Human Resources Unit is responsible for all the personnel (technical personnel, officers, employees, temporary workers etc.) procedures.  Institution personnel, ınstitutions doctor, the purchase commission, consolidated officer, movable property officer and assistant warehouse manager belong to Human Resources Unit.

Support Services Unit

Provision of coordinate personnel work in this unit and support units, provision of management and administration, Institute budget, financial (salary and other payments), administrative (system support, documentation, archives, counseling, transportation, public services, etc.), maintenance and organization of all processes related to the technical services such as repair are the responsibilities of the Support Services Unit.

Social Affairs Unit

Social Affairs Unit is responsible for inform all personnel about their and their first degree relatives' special days (weddings, births, christenings, birthdays etc.), illness and death. Visit on behalf of the institute director and delivery of the agreed gift are the responsibilities of this unit.

Sample Admission and Reporting Unit

This unit has been established to be independent unit to create communication, information and orientation between institute and costumer according to the Soil, Fertilizer and Water Resources Central Research Institute TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Samples are accepted with a privacy principle to protect customer's right then samples are directed to laboratory and results are reported. All the steps in these procedures are controlled by this unit.

Civil Defense Unit

Civil Defense Expert is responsible for carrying out all the processes relating to institutional civil defense and security. This unit also is responsible for informing to authorities to tracking and taking the necessary precautions in time.

Revolving Fund Unit

Revolving Fund Unit is responsible for coordinate personnel in this unit, administration; organize all the accounts of business, organizing payment documents and annual budget, following within a year of the transactions related with the budget and management of revenue to operate system.

 Occupational Health and Safety Unit

The Institute Director is first degree authorization and responsible of Occupational Health and Safety. Unit is responsible of taking relevant training according to the law number 5018, organize personnel's health check controls and informing to authorities to taking the necessary safety precautions for main Institute building and other units of Institute in accordance with the legislation.

Location of the Training Center and Features

The Institute - Ilgaz Mountain Biodiversity and Natural Resources Research and Training Center- is located at an altitude of 1850 meters, 100 meters far from ski-run and 1,5 kilometers inside from the main road in Ilgaz Mountain National Park. Our training center has 22 rooms including 4 suites and also it has a cafeteria, meeting room with a capacity of 100 persons and a dining hall with a capacity of 200 people. Besides, sporting activities as a ski-room and a fitness room is available in the institute.​