Soil And Plant Nutrition Department

​The department conducts research and practical applications in fields such as field, greenhouse, and laboratory studies, aiming to determine the types and quantities of fertilizers that will provide the most economical crop yield based on soil and plant analyses. It also examines the specific conditions that fertilizers may  generate in the soil, as well as the micro and macro element status of the soil. Furthermore, the department investigates the responses of various crops to different fertilizers and works on renewing and determining data related to the general characteristics of soils in Turkey. It focuses on developing and promoting agricultural soil, plant, and fertilizer analysis methods for nationwide use. Additionally, the department conducts research on soil organisms to assess their benefits in agricultural fields, establishes a soil database, conducts soil surveys and mapping, provides consultancy to the Ministry's projects and commissions, and actively participates in them. Activities are also carried out under topics such as soil pollution and the sustainability of soil fertility.