Climate Change And Agrıcultural Ecology

Climate Change and Agricultural Ecology Research Group Tasks

*​The identification of possible changes that climate change will bring to the soil and water resources and development of appropriate adaptation strategies,

*Examination of the effects of drought and climate change on the agriculture and determination of its with climate and plant development models,

*Contributing to the determination of the effects on agriculture in greenhouse gas budget and the determination of strategies for reducing greenhouse gases  from agriculture,

*Producing of maps and studies on the optimum growth areas of agricultural ecological regions and crops,

*Development of measures to protect soil moisture in order to reduce risks in agricultural production in arid and semi-arid regions, development of monitoring and early warning models,

*Establishing necessary measures to reduce the adverse effects of erosion and desertification,

*​Providing data to decision-makers for the protection and development of land and water resources in agricultural ecological regions, based on the formulation of agricultural policies,