Soil and Water Resources Department

Our Unit

​    - Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility

    - Climate Change and Basin

     - Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation

​Research subjects

  - Investigation of hydrological parameters of agricultural basins,

   - Identification of cultural, physical and herbal methods will prevent soil loss from agricultural areas,

   - Developing methods to calculate sediment-yield characteristics of natural basins

  - Irrigation guides, Evapotranspiration, Irrigation efficiencies, Water use efficiency of on-farm, drainage works,

   - Researches on usage limit of troubled waters for irrigation,

   - Researches on reclamation of salty-sodic soils,

   - Researches on materials used in land reclamation,

   - Plant adaptation to barren soils and halophytic plants,

  - Determining fertilizer requirements and fertilization techniques  of agricultural products,

   - Examination of  fertilizer values of various organic substances,

   - Developing of suitable laboratory analysis methods for soil trace element contents,

   - Defining usage opportunities of sewage sludge in agriculture,

On-going Projects

  - Usage Of The Compost Obtained From Organic Tea Processing Waste Products İn Organic Tea Production

   - Effect Of Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria Applied With Rock Phosphate And Triple Super Phosphate On The Inorganic Phosphorus Fractions Of Soil And Wheat Yield

  - Determination Of The Effect Of Biochar Application To Yield Of Rotation Plants Some Of Soil Physical, Chemical And Biological Properties

   - Estimation Of Corn Evapotranspiration From Landsat 8 Satellite Images İn Samsun Conditions

   - Using Micro Water Harvesting Technology Production Of Watermelon and Melon in Middle Black Sea Region

   - The Effects Of Different Winter Cover Crops And Organic Fertilizer İn Tomato And Red Pepper On Yield, Quality And Fungal Flora

   - Possible use of artificial intelligence implementations in eggplant irrigation programming

   - Determination of soil formation and weathering rates of basalt parent material located on different topographic positions under effects of geochemical and biological process

   - Determination of effects of groundwater irrigation in rice areas in coastal regions of Alaçam District, Samsun, on soil and water resources using different interpolation methods

Soil-Plant-water analysis laboratory

  - SOIL FERTILITY ANALYSES (available phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, total nitrogen, Nitrate nitrogen, microelement contents, heavy metal, available boron)



   - SOIL MICROBIOLOGICAL ANALYSES (soil enzyme analyses)

   - WATER ANALYSES (irrigation water analyses)

   - PLANT ANALYSES (macro and micro nutrient elements analyses)