Soil and Water Resources Department

Our department carries out activities for the effective and sustainable use of soil and water resources, their classification, climate change, land degradation, soil and water pollution, alternative methods to save money in the use of chemical fertilizers, the adaptation of new models and technologies, and the publication of the findings obtained from the research and their implementation into practice.


  • Protection, efficient and sustainable use of soil-water resources,
  • Increasing the yield potential by optimizing the plant nutrient status of the soil,
  • Determination of irrigation techniques that allow the efficient application of irrigation water,
  • Determining the positive/negative effects of climate change on agricultural production.

Working Areas

  • Determination the usability of waste and residues in agriculture,
  • Determination the nutrient needs of agricultural products and ensuring the use of appropriate fertilizers,
  • Determination and improvement of physical, chemical and biological deterioration of the soil,
  • Soil quality and soil pollution,
  • Determination of irrigation techniques that allow efficient use of irrigation water,
  • Using remote sensing techniques in irrigation water management,
  • Soil and land information systems,
  • Microbial fertilizer studies.


  • Plant Nutrition and Soil Unit
  • Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation Unit
  • Climate Change and Basin Unit
  • Soil Water and Plant Analysis Laboratory