In 2008 our institute was assigned to conduct research and basic projects in the field of bioenergy throughout the country as the "Energy Agriculture Research Center" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs General Directorate of Agricultural Research. In the following period, within the framework of restructuring, the research center was turned into a department of the institute.


  • To conduct pioneering scientific research in the new generation sustainable and related fields,
  • To be a guide by producing ideas, suggestions, and policies on related issues in the field of bioenergy,
  • To produce biofuels from domestic, sustainable, high quality, environmentally friendly, sufficient, and renewable raw materials,
  • To investigate the possibilities of using all kinds of agricultural, animal, domestic, industrial, etc. waste and residues as a source of bioenergy raw materials, 
  • To bring the plants cultivated for energy purposes in the world to our country's agriculture,
  • To develop national and international projects.


Working Areas

The main research area of the energy agriculture department is energy production from biomass. In this context;

  • Research and development of bioenergy raw materials,
  • Production of solid biofuel,
  • Production of biodiesel from vegetable and animal oils,
  • Production of alcohol -based liquid biofuels from different raw materials,
  • Research and development of biofuel production processes,
  • Chemical and physical characterization of produced fuels, raw materials and by-products,
  • Conducting biofuels quality analyzes to determine compliance with international standards

Energy Agriculture Sub-Units

  • Biodiesel Unit
  • Bioethanol Unit
  • Biomass Unit


The laboratory within the department is the only center working in the field of Bioenergy under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The laboratory, which was accredited in 5 analyzes in 2021, aims to increase the number of accredited analyzes and become a reference center in the medium term.

Department also has a biomass facility where solid biofuels are produced and tested. This facility also has the necessary equipment to conduct pyrolysis and biogas research .

Images of the Department