Agricultural Economics

  • Agricultural Economics Department, which has been operating since 2014 within the part of the Black Sea Agricultural Institute; Carries out social and economic research at the regional, national, and international levels by using the basic principles of economics of the agricultural products generated in the Black Sea Region, which is within the scope of our institution's responsibility.

    Aims and Objectives

    While the growing world population and the demand for food products are increasing rapidly, the limited production resources bring concepts such as resource use efficiency and production efficiency to the fore. The practical and rational use of resources has begun to gain importance. The Department of Agricultural Economics aims to improve the general living conditions by increasing the production and income of rural producers and contributing to the formation of agricultural policies.

    Working Areas

    For the purpose of sustainable development in the agricultural sector; To research and analyze the affair that will define the best path to meet the micro and macro level needs of farming activities, and within this scope;

    • Efficiency of production, operation, trade, and agricultural support,
    • Planning, accounting, marketing, organization, rural development, agricultural extension, developing strategies against risks and uncertainties,
    • To specify the economic effects of possible changes to be caused by climate change, and other environmental factors,
    • Defining the effectiveness of the agricultural policies being implemented and making suggestions for the future,

    To prepare, implement and finalize research projects on mentioned subjects.

    And, to accomplish other tasks assigned by TAGEM and Institute Directorate.


    • Agricultural Management - Agribusiness
    • Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Extension