Agricultural Economics

​Unit of the department

  • Agribusiness and planning
  • Agricultural policy and extension

​Research topics;​

  • The studies on costs of agricultural products,
  • Analysis and planning of agricultural enterprises,
  • The studies on socio-economic problems in agricultural sector,
  • Adoption of new technologies by farmers and other agricultural actors,
  • Agricultural insurance systems,
  • The effects of rural migration to agricultural sustainability,
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Economy and economic analysis of the applications in Black Sea region,
  • The sustainability of reclaimed pastures,
  • The effects of fodder crops public supporting payments to sustainability of producing fodder crops
  • Agricultural producer organizations and their current positions,
  • Organic hazelnut production economy,
  • Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems (AKIS) in Rice production,
  • The studies on the social networks of farmers,
  •  Aquaculture,
  • Bioeconomy.