The Department of Horticulture was established in 1994 to contribute to the agriculture of the region and the country in the fields of fruit growing, vegetable growing and ornamental plants, to carry out R&D studies and to carry out projects.


Horticulture department consists of Vegetable Growing and Breeding, Fruit Growing and Breeding and Ornamental Plants Cultivation and Breeding Units.




  • Developing high market value vegetable, fruit and ornamental plant varieties suitable for producer and consumer demands,
  • To transfer seed production and marketing rights of the developed varieties to the private sector
  • To protect, conserve and evaluate plant genetic resources
  • First, to collect and preserve the plant genetic resources in the Black Sea Region and to use them in breeding,
  • Developing breeding techniques suitable for varieties developed by our institute and carrying out extension studies
  • To implement molecular techniques and tissue culture applications for improve new varieties.
  • developing cultivars tolerant to stress conditions.
  • To make publications that promote the institute in the national and international arena.


Subunit and Working Areas



  • Genetic resource conservation and reproduction techniques in tulips
  • Conservation of genetic resources and cultivar development in boxwood



  • Ex-situ preservation and characterization in apple, persimmon, cherry, sour cherry, mahaleb, black berry, arbutus and chestnut species
  • Variety development in Amasya apple, persimmon, chestnut, black berry, cherry rootstock, fig and mulberry species
  • Tree management (pruning and training systems) studies in cherry, apple and peach species
  • Tissue culture (cherry) studies
  • Biotic (cabbage, pepper) and abiotic (cherry rootstock) stress resistance studies



  • Variety development in cabbage, pepper, green beans
  • Certified vegetable seed production



  • There is a tissue culture laboratory.