Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • Developing high quality varieties by using molecular biotechnology and conventional breeding methods and producing their seeds and presenting them to the service of producers.,
  • Developing modern plant growing techniques,
  • To work on developing varieties resistant to plant diseases and pests and on ecological control methods,
  • Giving priority to energy production researches from domestic renewable agricultural resources and determining the sources that will produce the most economical energy that pollutes the environment the least,
  • To carry out research to protect soil and water resources, to train researchers who can produce and develop universal knowledge and technology.


Our Vision

  • Guiding our country's agriculture and bringing solutions to the existing problems in this field,
  • Raising innovative, enterprising, investigative and analytical personnel who can use their knowledge all over the world,
  • Guiding producers and industrial organizations with its research and publication services,
  • To be an exemplary institute that can contribute to the development of our country with the knowledge, technology and varieties it will produce.