a. Land area of the institute

The institute has total 109.74 ha land; 53.04 ha of this area is in central province (Gelemen district), 29.4 ha in Çarşamba province and 13.7 ha in Bafra province, respectively. On the other hand 44.3 ha of total institute area has been used as Plant Genetic Sources Land Gene Bank and 8.7 ha of it has been used for research and production. 13.6 Ha area has been used as settlement area; only 3.5 ha of this has been used for greenhouses and private breeding studies.

b. Building area of the institute

There are four management buildings having 1987 m2 using area in the Black Sea Agricultural Research Institute. In addition there are one library having 10.000 volume books, three laboratories having 530 m2 using area and two meeting hall that each one having 70 and 150 persons capacity. And also there are 1280 m2 storehouse and experiment preparing units, 2700 m2 shed, three glass and seven plastic greenhouses having total 1990 m2 area and maize drying yard having 1000 ton capacity, 198 m3 cold storage house as well as 1 maintenance and repair atelier, 1 carpenter's shop, 3 vehicle parks, 3000 m2 coop, 1 social facility, 29 lodgings.

c. Vehicle, tool-equipment presence

Although there are enough vehicle and heavy construction equipment in the institute, most of them have completed 20 years and are not available for economic usage. There are total 17 vehicles comprising 6 automobiles, 6 vans, 2 minibus and two trucks. In addition there are 13 tractors, 2 garden tractors as well as 1 breakdown crane, loader and parcel combine as heavy construction equipment. There are 2 seed preparing selectors, one of them has 5 ton/ hour.

d. Personnel presence

Total 157 personnel comprising 52 engineers including 1 manager, 2 Chemist, 2 Biologist, 1 Architect, 9 technicians, 1 laborant, 29 temporary workers, 52 permanent workers have been working in the institute. 16 technical staffs have completed doctorate degree and 31 technical staffs have completed master degree.