Climate Change Resilient Agroecological Approaches Training

17.08.2023 / View : 310 / Archive
“Climate Change Resilient Agroecological Approaches Training” was held in UTAEM on 10 August 2023. During the training, tailored upon the request of İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, experts instructed presentations on climate resilient agroecological techniques and applications, organic farming, regenerative farming, sustainable animal husbandry and agroecology management. Also, the outputs and objectives of EJP Soil Projects ( EOM4SOIL, ROAD4SCHEMES , CARBOSEQ, PRAC2LIV​ )​ conducted in UTAEM within the concept of EU HORIZON 2020, were presented. The training hosted 33 trainees including farmers, agricultural consultants and agricultural engineers.​