Climate Change and Agricultural Ecology

Department consists of water preserving, hydrology and agricultural meteorology sub-disciplines and research on sustainable use of soil and water resources have been carried out. Climate change, drought and desertification are some of the most important natural and environmental factors which affect soil and water resources. Under these circumstances this department focuses on researching catchment characteristics in order to determine above mentioned potential effect,, manage this effect and process in the optimum way possible.

Controling the meteorology station and obtaining data from this station are also this department's responsbilities.

Main research subjects :

• the effects of climate change on the soil and water resources,

•  water and wind erosion in the catchments,

• to determine hydrological, morphological and agro-meteorological parameters of agricultural catchments,

• to determine and observe moisture regimes of catchment soil,

• to search and observe agricultural and hydrological drought,

. to measure rainfall and flow which is collected in water storage facilities  and to determine its characteristics

• to prepare erosion risk maps by using erosion determination methodologies in the catchments and plan soil conservation plan,

• to determine and observe the positional and temporal change of land degradation,

• to develop water harvesting techniques suitable to the conditions of our country,​