Quality Management System

​This system has been found with a management understanding which prioritize development and improvement of all af the activites with the participation of employees in order to realize the current and future expectations of both employees and customers completely, economically and timely.

Quality Policy
Pioneer, Authentic, Problem Driven, Quality Service...
With the aim of providing lasting services to our country and agriculture by identifying pioneer, authentic, problem driven and quality services as the essential elements of our work in agricultural sector with our endevours in R&D and training programs we try to ensure optimum use of all resources including finance, labour and time in the course of our objectives, to utilize technological developments, to embrace an ecological approach in which problem driven elements are prioritized, to perform our duties with a trusted, respected and internal and external customer driven perspective and to ensure the enhancement of our infrastructure and improvement of our staff which are the main beam of our constant development in quality management system and other services.

Objectives of Quality Management System

  • To make sure all the employees know and understand the system easily
  • To make the system work in real like and improve it constantly
  • To make the system to focus on the needs of customers firstly and departments of individuals secondly.
  • ​​To prevent flaws before they happen not to identify them after they happen. (Quality Assurance, Constant Imporvement)

Quality Management System Activities
Quality Management System has been found in IARTC according to conditions of TS-ISO-EN 9001:2000 (9001:2000) Quality Management Standarts and its documentation is still on going. Quality Management System in Our Center is established on procedures which feed back each other, create added value and control and improve the applications and processes related to each other.