Agricultural Economics

Activities include research to determine necessary criteria for the economic returns of both national and international investment projects in water and soil, sub-sectors of agriculture. Department also aims to provide data for R&D projects by running economic analyses before and after investments and to develop methods which are acceptable for producers and easy for appliers for agricultural investment projects. Department focuses on determining input/product expenses to make sure investments reach their desired level, contributing to planning, application and sustainability of agricultural investments projects and to increase the welfare of people living in rural areas by adopting new technologies.

Main Research Subjects :

• Economic analyses of regional effects of soil and water resourses improvement projects

• Development of an economic framework providing the transfer of state soil and water investments to users and determination of acceptability criteria in regard to both organizations and producers

• Determination of the input/production cost of agricultural products and  minimization of the costs,

• Optimum parcel size studies in order to prevent too small parcels divided due to heritage

• Identification of the socio-economic constraints for the adaptation of new technologies  and facilitate the adoption of this new technologies by users,

• Socio-economical studies on farmer behavior in soil conservation and catchment rehabilitation practices,

• Socio-economical studies on farmer behavior in adaptaion of techniques which increase the irrigation efficiency in irrigated areas,

• Role of the supporting and marketing policies in sustainability of soil and water resources,

• Immigration issue in the rural areas in the scope of sustainability of soil and water resources,

• Functions and activities of producer organization on rural development,

• Creation of data set for environmental policies and conservation of soil and water resources in concordance with European Union,

• Research on economic effects of climate change.​