Objectives and Tasks

National Responsibility Area....... .: Whole country
International Responsibility Area :Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East and Near East, Africa, Balkan Countries
Regional Responsibility Area     .. :Izmir, Manisa, Aydin, Denizli, Mugla, Balikesir and Canakkale
Duties............................... ................:

  • Preparation, organization, coordination and implementation of training programs and projects both in national and international level.
  • Meeting arrangements such as courses, seminars, conferences accordance with the national and international needs and demands of public and private sectors, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations.
  • Cooperation improvements with the public and private research institutes at national and international level, TUBITAK, Universities and voluntary organizations working on similar topics.
  • Ensuring of protection, improvement and sustainable use of water resources in the catchments.
  • Improvement of appropriate methods and technology for efficient use of water in agriculture.
  • Determination of the use of low quality waters for irrigation.
  • Determination of fertility potential, protection and sustainable use of the soils.
  • Development of agronomic and cultural precautions to keep the water and soil moisture on-site in arid and semi-arid regions to reduce the risk of agricultural production.
  • Research of the effects of the organic and inorganic plant nutrients and soil conditioners on fertility and quality of the soil, and determination of proper fertilization techniques.
  • Precautions improvements with the purpose of decreasing of the negative effects of salinity, sodicity, inadequate drainage, erosion and desertification, and the evolving applicable reclamation methods.
  • Determination of possible effects of climate change on soil and water resources and to develop appropriate adaptation strategies.
  • Creation of soil and land information systems and data base relating to those.
  • Conduction of social and economic analysis concerning the improvement of soil and water resources.
  • Conduction of socio-economic analysis concerning the topics within the assigned duty of the Ministry.
  • Performing the extension activities so as to convey the results of the research into the practice, and organization joint programs with Provincial Directorates.
  • Reports preparation and publishing of the results of the research made or got made by the Center.
  • To cooperate with the public and private institutions and organizations engaged in the same field on the R&D activities.

To fulfill the tasks assigned by the General Directorate.