Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation

Research activities on efficient and sustainable irrigation management, because of rapid climate change, population growth and decrease in water resources for agricultural, and increase in industrial demands, have been carrying out in the Department of Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation. The main responsibility of the department is to carry out research projects about water consumption of crops grown in Aegean Region, irrigation water requirements, irrigation methods and the other subjects deal with agricultural water use and/or drainage. The other task is to provide the knowledge, data and irrigation techniques for investor institutions, farmers and farmer organizations. 

Research Topics :

• Improvement of suitable irrigation methods and technology for efficiency water use in agriculture,

• Determination of suitable irrigation methods and programs for the optimum water usage by precision and deficit irrigation,

• Defining the results of marginal water use such as domestic waste water and drainage water in agriculture,

• Investigation the automation practices on surface and pressurized irrigation methods,

• Determination of the strategies of water distribution and usage in irrigation networks and providing the sustainability of land management for suitable crop production,

• Analyzing the water distribution performance and carrying out the researches for the improvement of irrigation systems,

• Investigation the quality and level of ground water for irrigation area and its effect on soil and plant, 

• Determination of the criteria for drainage projects, which are the main objects of planning and operating of drainage systems, in field, lysimeters and laboratory conditions,

• Improvement of the fields which have salinity and/or alkalinity problems and reclamation of these fields for agriculture,

• Investigation about effects of climate change and droughts on agricultural water resources and irrigation practices,

• To analyze irrigation water, waste water and to conduct microbiological analysis for the water used in agricultural process, and also to evaluate the water according to the criteria of irrigation water. ​