Training and Extension

​Training courses in International Agricultural Research and Training Center are generally carried out in international level. National training generally covers Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock personnel's in-service trainings. Besides, demands from other public institutions, private institutions and NGO's are also evaluated.

It is aimed to share and transfer the experience and knowledge of Ministry units, especially General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policy and its research institutions, to the target countries..

Our Center is ready to cooperate to host trainings, seminars, meetings, technical trips and organizations,  according to the demands from other public institutions, private institutions, universities and NGOs. In this scope, IARTC cooperates with Central Asia Sub Regional Office of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Coordinatorships have been established for international trainings in our Center. These are as follows:

  • African Countries Coordinatorship
  • Middle Asia and Far East Countries Coordinatorship
  • Eurasia and Balkan Countries Coordinatorship
  • Middle East and Near East Countries Coordinatorship.