Message From Administration

The importance of agricultural sector in human life has been increasingly continuing from the existence of human being. As it is known, soil is one of the most precious and non-renewable assets of our environment.  On the other hand; all living beings in nature need soil and water directly or indirectly in order to maintain their lives. Thus, most of nutrients providing maintenance of human life are produced by agricultural sector. Turkey is an important agricultural country in the world with its agricultural production potential and the variety of agricultural products. Agriculture is one of the leading sectors of the country as well. This significant sector needs to be developed with the help of science and the knowledge gathered from science needs to come together with agricultural practices. Solutions to environmental problems originating from excessive agricultural practices and procurement of safe food for rapidly growing world population are closely related to applying new agricultural management approaches developed through science and scientific studies in the field of Research and Development (R&D). In this sense; Soil Fertilizer and Water Resources Central Research Institute has been conducting research studies aimed at sustainable management of soil, fertilizer and water resources since March 1, 1954. Furthermore, the Institute aims to inherit more livable world for future generations through establishing policies in order to solve agricultural problems that may emerge in the future. I would like to express my gratitude primarily to my colleagues and to all sectoral shareholders who have served to agricultural sector through agricultural R&D and production studies since 61 years.​


Director of the Institute