Stakeholder Meeting of ProRefine Project

24.9.2020 / View : 650 / Archive

H2020 ERA-net, Core Organic Cofund, European Commission-funded Project of Refined Forage Legumes As Local Sources of Protein Feed For Monogastric And High-Quality Fibre Feed For Ruminants İn Organic Production Project (ProRefine) has been carried out in our Center. As the Project coordinator country Norway there are five more participant country; Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France and Turkey. The aim of the research project conducted in partnership with eight different research institutes is to gain knowledge on local production of protein feed for monogastric animals and fibre rich feed for ruminants through novel harvesting and biorefining techniques in organic farming. New methods and new technologies developed, will contribute to strengthen the agricultural sector in Europe as a whole, leading local food systems to become self- sufficient.

Stakeholder Meeting of "(ProRefine) Refined Forage Legumes as Local Sources of Protein Feed for Monogastric and High-Quality Fibre Feed for Ruminants in Organic Production Project" was held in our Center on 23rd September 2020.

Stakeholders were in total 12 as organic feed, meat and milk producers, sheep&goat breeders, cattle breeders, chicken breeder, farmers from animal husbandry, feed company owner, agricultural engineers from Izmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Organic Advisory Service, agricultural economist and an Entrepreneur.

Determined concepts were discussed on the possible effect of animal feed produced by applying new methods and new technologies. Stakeholders were asked to write down their own opinion regarding two determined concepts mentioned. Thus, participants shared experiences that they face in practice and information also expressed their understanding of cutting-edge technology. Ultimately, each emphasized the importance of possible future corporations as the outcome of the current research Project.