Plant Biotechnology Laboratory

Chief of Laboratory: Ayse N. CIL

Department Engineers: 
Dr. Yildiz DOGAN
Nergiz COBAN

Laboratory Assistant: Hakan ERDOGAN

Biolog: Nursen KESER

Subjects of Study     

1. Exploring the agriculturally important genes: in undomesticated relatives of agricultural crops, local varieties, improved varieties and breeding lines with assistance of Marker Assisted Selection Technique.

2. Characterization of crops types and varieties and the degree of relative relationship among them.

3. Development of new plant varieties and adding new characters on.

4. Designing and executing researches on biotic and abiotic stress factors, assessing resistance mechanisms against pests and damage factors.

5. Obtaining micro replicated plants and pathogen free plants using tissue culture methods.

6. Development of genetically stable/settled  plant lines in short time using Doubled Haploid Technique in order to reduce breeding time.

7. Adaptation/implementation of research results/findings into breeding programmes.

8. Conducting molecular researches on plant physiology.