Warm Season cereals

​Chief Breeder: Dr. Ibrahim CERIT

Maize Breeding Engineers: 
Mehmet Ali TURKAY
Dr. Yıldız DOGAN
Nergiz COBAN

Warm season cereals department is focused on maize breeding. Department breeders use different methodologies to develop high yielding and quality maize inbred lines and hybrid varieties. 
The group primarily focuses on pre-breeding activities for enhancement of germplasms for breeding programs, improve  divergent inbredlines and select them for hybrid breeding. Improved inbred lines are also tested for diseases and pest tolerance.
The breeders also work with agronomist to solve problems encountered in maize cultivation.
National Projects:
1. Maize Breeding Researches for Cukurova Region of Turkey
2. Improvement of Homozygous Lines by Using In-Vivo Double Haploid Techniques for Hybrid Maize Breeding
3. Hybrid Maize Improvement Project via Cooperation Between Private Sector and the Institute
4. Improvement of Inbred Lines by Using Different Heterotic Patterns and Germplasm Enhancement Techniques Using Turkish Maize Landraces for Hybrid Maize Breeding.
5. Improvement of Maize Varieties Resistant to European Corn Borer (ECB) and Mediterranean Corn Borer (MCB) adopted to Cukurova (Eastern Mediterranean) Region of Turkey.