Chief Breeder: Dr. Durdane MART

​Pulses Breeding Engineers:
Dr. Meltem TURKERI

Breeders are working on chickpea and peas. Department is working on breeding research programmes funded by national sources and ICARDA (chickpea, lentil and dry bean) in Turkey. 
Registered varieties are Inci, Hasanbey and Seckin. 
1. Chickpea Breeding Researches for Cukurova Region of Turkey: The objective of the study is to develop high yielding, Ascochyta blight tolerant/resistant and mechanised harvest adopted varieties.  
2. Pea (pisum sativum L.) Breeding Programme for Cukurova Region of Turkey: Targets are developing high yielding, early flowering and resistant/tolerant to cold and drought stresses lines adopted to Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Anatolian Regions of Turkey.
3. Population Characterisation of Chickpea Genotypes for the Development of Ascochyta Blight Resistant/Tolerant Varieties Through Conventional and Molecular Methods (1003, TUBITAK): Sustainable production and yield of chickpea is effected by Ascochyta blight. There exists positive relationship between sensitivity to Ascochyta blight and grain diameters. Project is aimed to scan genotypes for disease tolernce/resistance.
4. Developing Drought and Heat Stress Tolerant Chickpea Genotypes (TUBITAK-3001): The objective of the study were to 1) Evaluate growth and yield components of widespread chickpea cultivars under Mediterranean conditions 2) Determine tolerance of chickpea genotypes to drought stress and classification of the genotypes based on drought stress index 3) Determine the tolerance of chickpea genotypes to heat stress and classification of the genotypes base on heat stress index 4) Heritability of  yield and yield components of chickpea genotypes under stressed and normal conditions 5) Calculation of correlation coefficient among investigated traits: For these purposes, total of 34 chickpea genotypes are found promising in carried researches.