Feeds And Animal Nutrition

​The focus of this unit is on the main components of animal feeds and learners will examine the source, structure and function of the major nutrients, as well as their nutritional value and the detrimental effects of dietary imbalances.

This section provides:

  1. Understand the functions of the main components of an animal's diet.
  2. Understand the feeding requirements of animals to ensure they receive a balanced diet
  3. Classification of feeds. Its importance and functions.
  4. Feeds additives and their use in livestock (ruminant nutrition)
  5. Nutrition in relation to body maintanance and growth
  6. Nutrition and silage quality
  7. Ration preparation
  8. Feeds samples preparation for analysis
  9. The person with the scientific principles of animal nutrition and feeding, furthering knowledge of the chemical composition and physical properties of feeds,
  10. Digestion processes, nutrient metabolism, feed evaluation systems, nutrient requirements, and intake control and estimation mechanisms.
  11. It includes a series of practical activities to analyse feeds and make a nutritional evaluation as well as to estimate intake and nutrient requirements.