Animal Breeding & Husbandry

Head of department: Dr. Hasan MUTLU

Animal Breeding  and Husbandry Department of our Institute makes researches  and develops projects to improve Turkey's livestocks value. Our department hosts an animal husbandary facility with capacity of 1.250 cows, a milking unit with capacity of 32 cows, a feed preparing unit and an embryo transfer laboratory. The animal husbandary facility hosts Holstein and Southern Domestic Yellow cow races which our engineers are currently sustaining researches on.

The tasks that our department is responsible for are to perform research activities on animal productivity, cow reproduction physiology, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, breeding, genetics, biotechnology, conservation of animal genetic resources, animal husbandary, animal health, herd management systems, animal shelters, biometry, livestock management, sustainable livestock production from grasslands, disease emergence and spread factors linked to the infectious agent, host, vectors and environment, spread of major diseases affecting terrestrial livestock.​

By the help of our biotechnology laboratory, our researchers carries out works on superovulation on cows, direct embryo transfer, in vitro production of cow embryo, embryo freezing via methods of vitrification and slow freezing.​