The Common Intelligence Advisory Meeting Was Held for Negotiations about Animal Husbandry and Problems of Our Province

25.09.2017 / View : 1113 / Archive
​The Common Intelligence Advisory Meeting was held for negotiations about Animal Husbandry and Problems of Our Province with participations of Expert Researchers of Our Institute, Academicians from Livestock Department of Agricultural Faculty of S.U., Association of Stud Sheep and Goat Breeders, Association of Stud Cattle Breeders, Cooperative of Agricultural Development of Konya&Karaman Provinces, and private sector representatives. At the meeting which was held in the Institute meeting hall. The negotiated topics were to create awareness by providing coordination between the institutions-the organizations-the private sectors that work and serve in the livestock business line; problems and last status of regional animal husbandry; and project possibilities intended to conventional husbandry system in Konya. At the end of the meeting, a decision was taken to continue the meetings in terms of persistence of coordination among the actives in the livestock sector. The other decisions were taken about doing studies on the environmental factors negatively affecting livestock in the conventional husbandry system and providing training seminars for the technical staff in the sectors. In this context, the last decision was to organize a wide participated workshop that will make a significant contribution to the sector.