To carry out research activities in the field of biotechnology and breeding related to animal husbandry, which are among the duties and responsibilities of our Institute, as determined by the Ministry, and to plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the studies in order to carry out all the activities of the personnel under his responsibility in accordance with the principles of efficiency and productivity.


  1. To investigate biotechnology, improvement and breeding  in big and small ruminant farming,
  2. To protect animal genetic resources,
  3. To make research of animal feeding, animal shelters and welfare, socioeconomic,
  4. To carry out researches on breeding and feeding of forage crops resistant to drought,
  5. To organize the work carried out within the framework of its duties,
  6. To carry out joint research projects with public and private sector institutions,
  7. To conduct research jointly with public and private institutions and organizations in the Research Institute Directorate and outside the institution,
  8. To carry out joint projects with overseas research institutions,
  9. To carry out studies for the development of the research infrastructures of the departments in accordance with the current conditions,
  10. In addition, to fulfill other duties assigned to the Institute by the Ministry and the General Directorate.


In line with the duties and responsibilities listed above, within the scope of the "Conservational and Animal breeding Project of Small Ruminant Genetic Resources in Farm Condition ", our Institute carries out a total of 25 breeding sub-projects, led by our Institute researchers, in Konya, Aksaray, Karaman, Eskişehir, Niğde and Mersin. Again, within the scope of " Conservation and Sustainable Use of Farm Animal Genetic Resource ", 3 conservation projects are carried out by our Institute, and within the same scope, the South Karaman sheep breed's protection herd is also available at our Institute. As of 2022, a total of 49 projects, including 19 research and education projects, 2 Infrastructure Projects, 3 Genetic Resources Conservation and 25 Public Improvement Projects, are carried out in our Institute and in the hands of the public.