Aim of the Department

Department actively takes role in the production of seeds, seed certification and marketing of varieties bred/developed by our institute and varieties with production contracts belonging to other companies, in the production of feed and feed raw materials to the institute's livestock department, with its personnel, tools and equipment.

Duties of The Department

  1. Preparation of seed fields and production fields for planting ( production in 2 location, The centre of Institue location and İçeriçumra location generally carried out with a grain-fallow, grain-corn, grain-legumes in alternation system.
  2. Maintenance, irrigation and fertilization of production fields,
  3. Elimination of foreign varieties and non-type plants in seed production fields
  4. Harvesting of production fields and send the seeds to the selector,
  5. Screening, spraying and packaging of seeds in the selector,
  6. Certification of seeds (in the certification progress produce 250-300 tonnes original seeds in every year),
  7. Preparation of seed samples to be taken by the Provincial Directorate and sending these samples to registration institutions
  8. Send of seeds to contracted firms,
  9. Planting forage crops such as alfalfa, vetch and silage corn for the livestock department of the institute,
  10. Forage crops to be shaped and delivered to the institute animal department ready for consumption,
  11. Planting and growing cereals (wheat, barley and rye) on behalf of the institute on the institute's lands with the stubble direct sowing method,
  12. Growing corn and sugar beet on behalf of the institute on the land of the institute using advanced agricultural techniques
  13. Supporting the Institute's research and develop activities
  14. Transportation, use and maintenance of agricultural tools and machinery and vehicles in the Institute,
  15. Maintaining and arranging the green areas in the Institute
  16. Carrying out infrastructure works such as electricity and water for buildings and animal shelters within the Institute,
  17. Performing all kinds of duties assigned by the administration.