A Cooperation Meeting between the Institute and the University of Food & Agriculture

30.09.2017 / View : 1257 / Archive
​The Institute and the Konya Food & Agriculture University signed a bilateral cooperation proto. Following the work carried out within the framework of this protocol, a cooperation meeting was organized with the aim of carrying out more extensive studies, with the participation of the researchers of the Institute and the lecturers of Engineering & Architecture, Agriculture and Natural Sciences with Social and Human Sciences Faculties. At the meeting held in the institute hall, sharing were made about the study subjects of the institutions, the infrastructure they possess, the projects that were produced and will be produced and the subject experts and expertise areas. Cooperation opportunities for project applicants, which can be made to different support programs, were put into the table by focusing on the titles that should be studied in the field of Plant and Livestock Researches. Significant distances were taken at the point of strengthening the cooperation with the individual and cluster meetings to be held in the following period.