Ethic Rules


1. The services are provided respecting benefit and welfare of the nation and considering vision and mission of UTAEM. 

2. The services comply standarts and the procedures; the customers are informed if requested. 

3. UTAEM seeks increasing costumer satisfaction and focuses the quality of its end- products to suply needs of the customer. 

4. Respecting rights and beneficium is essential. 

5. No room for any discrimination (for sex, language, religious, race, sect, etc.) 

6. In relations, humanity, kindness and respect are essential. 

7. Duty and responsibilities are written in clear and consistent ways.

8. Impartiality and justice are essential in administration. 

9. Unbiased and independed decisions are essential. 

10. Participation in decisions and activities is observed. 

11. Conflict of interest and personnal interests are prevented. 

12. Rights and labor are respected. 

13. There is no room for proffessional or occupational fanatism. 

14. The employee are given opportunity for amendment of their mistakes and shortages. 

15. The employee can reach the administration. 

16. The employee are given the sense of their importance for the institution. 

17. The employee have the right of equal accession of every opportunity provided by the institution.

18. Employee behaves in esteem, reliance and respect inspiring ways as the duty requires. 

19. Each employee behaves as a representative of the institution. 

20. Employee set an example of their work. 

21. Employee are aware of their responsibilities and fulfil their duties rightly and timely. 

22. Employee use resources properly, without wasting and impartially. 

23. Employee seek originality and productivity in their work. 

24. There is no room for gossip; no gossipping. 

25. Administration and employee listen one other fully and in an unbiased way. 

26. The administrators and the employee depend on each other. 

27. Employees are open to collaboration and share of knowledge. 

28. The employee are treated unbiased and given opportunities to show his/her abilities. 

29. There is no priority of personnal interests. 

30. The employee are prevented from physiological and psychological threats at work. 

31. Well intention is essential amongst the employee. 

32. Motivation building social activities are of importance.​