Poultry Breeding

​​Department Staff​

Poultry Breeding ScienceDr. Eyüp BAŞERAgricultural Engineer
Poultry Breeding Science
Agricultural engineer
Poultry Breeding ScienceNurdan Sevim URVAYLIOĞLU
Poultry Breeding Science​Hasan Yaylacı
Veterinary Technician

The Mission

The aim of poultry science unit is to conduct such as basic and applied research in areas poultry production, nutrition, breeding, behavior and genetic resources of poultry species as chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, partridge and quail.

  1. To carry out research activities related to domestic poultry or wild species and their related products.
  2. To conduct research on poultry production, avian behavior, breeding methods, poultry nutrition, feed technology and to collect related data and evaluation.
  3. To identify of local poultry genetic resources and some endangered avian species and then to make characterization, production, conservation and to develop conservation methods.
  4. To share of the scientific results with poultry producer and scientific community in such as scientific programs.
  5. To do basic and strategic planning for implementation that necessary for the country and the region, and to coordinate research by monitoring and to publish research results by sharing with fields.
  6. Fulfill the tasks assigned by the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock and the Directorate of BDIARI (Bahri Dagdaş International Agricultural Research Institute).