Plant Health

​​Staff List

Plant Health DepartmentDr.Gül İMRİZCoordination Unit
Plant Health DepartmentMurat Nadi TAŞAgricultural Engineer
Plant Health DepartmentM.Sait KARACAAgricultural engineer​



The mission of department is to research on diagnosis and alternative combat methods of pests and diseases that cause losses in crop production in Konya Region. The research topics are development of resistant plants to diseases and pests, biological control.

In the department "Seed Health Lab" maintains its activities. Seed Health lab was established within BDIARI with financially support provided by IWWIP (International Winter Wheat Improvement Program) ve ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Area).  The setup purpose of the lab is to encourage safe movement of breeding seed materials  within Turkey and between other IWWIP member countries by prevention of spread of pests and diseases.


1. Project Development and Research on Plant Breeding for Resistance against Pests and Diseases that cause losses in the region.

2. Project Development and Research on Alternative control methods of Pests and Diseases causing problem in crop production.

3. Diagnosis of Problematic Pests and Diseases for Crop Production and giving directions to Farmers in the Region.


1. Testing the Advanced Wheat and Barley Lines Against Diseases

2. Determination of aphid (Hemiptera:Aphididae) species, predators and parasitoids of those, and their population development in Çumra andKarapinar Districts of Konya.

3. The Disease Characterization of Genotypes that're used in Wheat Breeding Studies for Drought Resistance .