Research Subjects

Department of Breeding and Genetics

One of the main mission of the department is to improve new specie by breeding in terms of high quality and yield, tolerance to drought, to low temperature and to pest and/or disease. Moreover, the products improved by the department should provide the pretension of the local and international market. The process of breeding contains classical methods such as selective breeding and cross breeding which are important procedures to obtain new specie and new rootstock material. The department also prepares research projects, works for the practical implementation and adaptation of new material to various ecologies.

Department of Growing Technique

The department is responsible for the growth of improved specie by breeding such as; citrus ,subtropical fruits, temperate climate fruits, vegetables, grape-like fruits and ornamentals either by Alata or another national/international facility. In addition, department researches the quality improvement depending on cultivation, phsiology and production techniques of plants. The methods of research mainly based on timing and period of sowing/planting, fertilization, irrigation, grafting, pruning, soil cultivation, biotechnology and mechanisation.

Department of Production and Operation

The duty of the department is to provide usability of the facility land which is out of the reseach area. The usability contains irrigation, fertilization and agricultural spraying. The department has also sub-departments such as arboriculture, storehouse, cold storage depot, agricultural craft and apiculture units.

Department of Postharvest Physiology

The main mission of the department is to determine the quality characteristics of the postharvest products such as; citrus ,subtropical fruits, temperate climate fruits, vegetables, grape-like fruits, and ornamentals grown in facility. Moreover, department is responsible to inform the sector about the results of the completed projects and to inspect the study of the pomology laboratory.

Department of Phitosanitary

The main mission of the department is to research the health and safety of the products such as; citrus, subtropical fruits, temperate climate fruits, vegetables, grape-like fruits, and ornamentals grown in facility. In addition, the department plans and controls agricultural spraying, determines and overhauls the results of spraying loss of plants.

Department of Soil and Water Resources

The studies on soil and water resources, the all production and maintenance activities on facility land are considered as the main duties of the department. The department also conduct economic, applicable and acceptable studies on decresase the risk of drought and erosion. Moreover; improving new methods to maintain preservation of soil moisture, producing project on irrigation/drainage systems, breeding of the salty and sodium content soil, determining of natural resources important for the country are other responsibilities of the department.

Department of Agricultural Economics

The duty of the department is to make social and economic researches on local and national level in the light of the information of basic principles of economy science.  The department prosecute the internal and external market conjuncture via economic data of agricultural products which are important for mediterennian region. The effective usage and management of local and national agricultural resources, organizing research and issue activities for solution of agricultural problems, contributing scientific and tehnological developments are also conducted by the department.

Department of Apiculture

All research and production activities about apiculture are conducted by the department as well as providing the apiculture material and practice of health and safety rules. The department works for recording the data during production and programming the honey and bee production.​