Who Are We?

Alata Horticulture Research Institute was first established in 1944 as the ‘Alata Technical Gardening School’ with the approval of authority at 02.11.1967 and served as ‘Local Grapevine and Horticulture Research Institute’.  In 1972 the school and the institute were combined under the name of ‘Local Agriculture Research Institute and Agriculture Technical School’. In 1974 the institute and the school were seperated. The name of the institute was changed into ‘Horticulture Research and Education Center’ at 09.04.1974. In 1981 the technical school was closed, the staff members and assests of the foundation were transferred to research institute. In 1985 the ‘Education and Recreational Facility’, located in the area of institute, was opened. At the date; 26.02.1998 the name of the facility has finally changed as  ‘Alata Horticultural Research Institute’.

In 2011, another research center named ‘Tarsus Soil and Water Sources Research Center ‘ (located in Tarsus) was officially incorporated into Alata Horticultural Research Center. The Research Center in Tarsus has also a long- standing past. The facility has began working as an agricultural water management center in 1956. The name of the facility has changed into ‘Tarsus Research Center’ in 1971 and in 1985 worked under Directorate of Rural Services connected to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Since 2011 these two Research centers are working in cooperation, aiming to support the agricultural developments in Turkey.​