The land where the Institute established was bought by Turkish Angora Goat Association on 2nd May 1930. The Angora bucks that were bred in Institute conveyed to the breeders. Thus, the study of improvement of the Angora goats was started. The Turkish Angora Association carried out this duty up to 07.17.1951 and the ownership of the land and the buildings were given to Ministry of Agriculture with the contract agreed that angora breeding programs should be continued. The Ministry of Agriculture has established here stallion store related to Çifteler state farm and Angora Goat elite breeding stock farm and continued to Angora Goat Improvement Programs. In 1957 the name of this farm was changed and it was called Lalahan Zootechnics Research Institute.

The Institute started to publish Lalahan Zootechni Research Institute Journal in April 1959. The name of the institute was changed as Lalahan Breeding and Test Farm when revolving fund established by a 7473 numbered law issued on 13. 05.1960. In the further years by enlargement of livestock branches and development of the infrastructure in the Institute, researches on different livestock, animal nutrition, AI and embryo transfer have been carried out. Institute carried out its mission until 1986 as Lalahan Zootechni Research Institute. In 1986 with a newly established law its name was changed as Lalahan Livestock Research Institute. In 1998 the institute was taken a mission as a coordinator for other research institutes and the name of the institute was called as Livestock Central Research Institute from then. With 02.24.2002 dated and 103 numbered Ministry agree, Yozgat Yerköy Livestock Research Institute was closed down and the property presence has been transferred to the Institute.