The Nutrition department in the International Center for Livestock Research and Training  takes a comprehensive view of animal nutrition. In our department, researches focus on feed evaluation, animal nutrition and nutritional metabolism. In addition ,some researches are conducted alternative roughage sources, roughage storage and forage processing techniques . Recently, many studies contucted on:

-the effects of secondary plant metabolites on rumen methanogenesis and rumen fermentation and their use in rations,

in vitro and in situ degradability of protein sources,

-interpretation of nutritional-reproductive relationship in dairy cows based on biochemical blood parameters,

-effects of nutrition on gene expression (nutrigenomics)

Feeds and Animal Nutrition Laboratory and Feed Preparation Unit depend on the department.


Feeds and Animal Nutrition Laboratory

In the Feeds and Animal Nutrition Laboratory, roughage and concentrated feeds are analyzed by chemical, in vitro, in situ methods. HPLC, gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometer, UV-visible spectrometer, polarimeter and refractometer is available in the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition . Some biochemical blood parameters are evaluated by auto analyzers and elisa in the laboratory.

In Feeds and Animal Nutrition Laboratory;


-crude ash

-crude fat,

-crude protein,

-crude cellulose,




-starch and total soluble sugar analysis,

-some trace and macro element analysis,

-acetic, butyric and lactic acid  analysis in silage are done.