Project Activities of the Regional Industrial Collaboration in Cotton Fibre Manufacturing began

1.09.2016 / View : 1274 / Archive

The survey was conducted for employees within Laboratory, Manufacturing, Education, Cotton Agronomy and Soil Science Units in order to analyze the training needs of GAPUTAEM Staff within the scope of The Regional Industrial Collaboration in Cotton Fibre Manufacturing Project. Technical assistance team leader Mike Burchell informed to do staff training program based on the results of the survey.

In this Project, It is aimed to become a well-known national and international brand and thus to increase regional competitiveness of SMEs, presenting quality and reliable Cotton fiber to national and international markets by initiating clustering, providing cooperation and coordination with professional and strategic management, national and international standardization / quality / customer focus of the workplaces, with the activities to be carried out within scope of the Project prepared for Cotton Fibre Manufacturing workplaces operating in Diyarbakır and Diyarbakır Provinces.

The project is carried out under the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (RCOP). The program Authorities are Ministry of Science Industry and Technology and EU Delegation. Furthermore, our institution carries out coordinator of the project.